For ease-of-access applications have been categorized into the following categories. Please read the citation provided carefully to choose the best suited category for your purposes.


includes all applications pertaining to general networking, scans, testing, penetration testing, security, monitoring, and logging. tools within are designed to be used on multiple levels of networking and cover many angles of the term.

Malware / Security

includes all applications pertaining to malware scanning, logging, monitoring, security, and removal. it is highly advised that you read up on how these applications function. misunderstandings are common in most cases when reports are generated by applications within this field.

Data Usage / Recovery

applications pertaining to graphing data usage as well as data recovery on multiple levels. data recovery should be studied heavily before attempts are made. incorrect usage may cause permanent loss of data.

Diagnostics / Monitoring

utilities pertaining to hardware, software, and operating system diagnostics and health monitoring are listed within this field. most utilities are self explanatory. it is advised to only use diagnostic utilities in cases where they are needed. misuse can cause damage in certain situations.

General Application

general applications i find hard to categorize but use most daily. these are generic things such as text editors, terminal emulators, the works. many of the applications within are not harmful in most cases when misused.